Professional web tracking, data extraction and instant notification provider.

Our core service is web tracking, data extraction and instant notification for end users or enterprises. Our adward wining web tracking product (Tracefrog) is based on the powerful and leading innovation web page matching algorithm.

We track and extract data from any web pages to give you instant notification as you needed.

You can use our advance technology to trace (further than track) and dig (integration and customization) web sites.


Online Service

Web tracking

Our web tracking service and software (Tracefrog) automatically looks for new content on web pages, as often as you like. When a change is detected, our web tracking software can notify you by sending an email, instant message (via MSN or others) including a copy of the web page with the changes in visually way, or by displaying a desktop alert. You can also get tracked web blocks into your desktop via displaying it as desktop gadgets or web site widgets. Information now is on your own.


Instant Notification

Instant information is crucial in competition environment or business world. We provides various services to make you get instant information for many industries like financial or e-commerce. Do you want to know competitor's product price change immedidately? This is so called Competitive Intelligence we can provide for enterprise customers. We can also integrate the change notification to your own application to trigger some action for instant reaction.


Web Data Extraction

Without data to build your own application or research? Our simple point-and-click data extration service gives you the freedom to gather data from web sites. We extract data, including images from any web pages and convert it to the formats you want. Internet is a very large database for you to build your system at very low cost if you know how to extract it. Its your opportunity to profit very soon by rapidly build a web site with plenty content. Difficult parts for encoding, content moving and converting are handled by us. Our easy and advanced service is a must have for you.


Cloud Toolbar

Interactive and user-friendly web toolbar that allows you to integrate a host of web applications directly onto your website or publish it as a bookmarklet to your users accessing your applications any time any where. We build it for you and your users, a cross browser, easy to use, flexible web toolbar. Imagining users can see your content parallelly with his browsing web site, you can provide related content with his interesting, increasing your page view, better user experiances. Its time to build a web toolbar for your business!

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